Pasko looks back at fifty years at Saint Ignatius

by Patrick Millican '15 and Sam Royer '15

After receiving a teaching degree from Hamilton College, Tom Pasko hon. ‘96 came to Saint Ignatius in 1965 seeking a job.

Wildcats excel in Men’s Regional Gymnastics Championship

By Gabe Mielke '16

During the last weekend of Easter Break, from Friday, April 10 until Sunday, April 12, right before we all came back to school, two fellow Wildcats competed in the USA Men’s Gymnastics Regional Championship.

Senior Anthony Edwards places first in Ohio Chinese Speech Contest

by Matt Koehler ’15

In its first year as a program, the Mandarin Chinese I class has produced a first place champion in the annual Ohio K-12 Chinese Speech Contest.

New Valedictorian selection process remains this year

By Sam Royer '15

Although the selection of valedictorian has traditionally been based on the highest GPA, the school has decided for a second year to go beyond tradition and follow a different process.

Fr. Ray Guiao '82: Ignatius' next president

by Brendan DeVenney '17

In June, Saint Ignatius High School will have its 26th president in school history. To some, the new president will be a familiar face, but for most of us, Fr. Raymond Guiao ‘82, S.J. will be a new face to the Saint Ignatius student body, not to mention the faculty and staff.


Senate promises a fun-filled Ohio City themed prom

By Bryan Fuerst '15

Heads up seniors, prom is swiftly approaching. It’ll be here this Sunday, May 24 to be exact.

Final Sullivan Gym Mural design will be chosen in student vote

by Sam Royer '15

After students voted for the shield to replace the wildcat on the Sullivan Gym wall last fall, the Artists in Residence have designed a few options for the whole wall, with the shield serving as a center piece.

Pallaki gets ready to follow honorable Mulach presidency

By Sam Royer ‘15

This week marks the official transition from Pat Mulach ‘15 to Mitch Pallaki ‘16 as Student Body President.

Screen Shot 2015-04-19 at 10.15.39 PM

Student senate announces "Wild West Night"

By Sam Royer ’15

On Friday, May 8, Student Senate will be hosting Wild West Night, “western-themed night of fun,” set to take place on campus.

Pallaki and Mielke elected as student body President and Vice President

By Sam Royer '15

It’s official, Ignatius students have elected Mitch Pallaki ‘16 and Gabe Mielke ‘16 to serve as President and Vice President respectively of the student body for the 2015-2016 school year.


StudentLife-Cell Phones

Bradesca announces update in cell-phone policy

by Sam Royer '15

“The ‘decriminalization’ of cell phone use is upon us,” Principal Bradesca ’88 has declared. After what has seemed like a long year of prohibited cell-phone use, an update in the school policy is being set in place.


St. Mary's Chapel's impressive new organ is the life's work of alum

by Owen Hearns '17

The Blue and Gold tour of 2013 brought about an unusual request for Fr. Murphy and Don Isabella, Major Gifts Officer.

The I in the sky: new drone MAGIS1 is taking views to new heights

by Matt Koehler ‘15

The new drone has been seen flying over the school in recent test launches.

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Student Life


Coffee House 2015 ultimately a success

By Sam Royer '15

It was a night filled magic tricks, jam sessions, and romantic advice from the Love Guru himself.

The Love Guru

by Liam Garven '15

Dear Love Guru, There is this girl who is beyond amazing. She has a soul and heart, still only pure. I can only imagine how wonderful my life would be if I blew like a leaf in the breeze out of the friendzone. What should I do?- Luke Diggs ‘15

Snowmen save stranded residents

by Gabe Mielke '16

A potential snowday. Students complaining about having school. Meanwhile a hardened corps of service oriented students takes to the streets wielding snow shovels and industrial strength rock salt. The legendary Snowmen For Others.

Rade serving more than just food this year, serving 'healthy' purpose

By Brad Horton '15

“There’s a story behind everything we do.” I never thought about the world behind the scenes of the cafeteria.

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Arts and Entertainment

graham cracker waffle

Restaurant Review: Jack Flaps

by Sam Royer ‘15

Jack Flaps Urban Breakfast Shoppe is one of many restaurants in Ohio City which prides itself on its uniqueness.


Art Spotlight: Sullivan Ratcliff '16

By Brad Horton '15

Sullivan Ratcliff ’16 has been acting since preschool, and he enjoyed every minute of it.

Tech Talk: Dying Light (PC)

by Sam Brown '15

Developed by Techland and released on January 27th, 2015 for Windows, Linux, Xbox One, and PS4, Dying Light is the latest survival horror video game added to the genre that was started with titles like DayZ (ARMA II), Dead Island, and others.

Music Review: J. Cole's Forest Hills Drive

by James Zajaczkowski '15 and Dylan Welch '15

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Ice 'Cats season in review

by Brendan DeVenney '17

A lot of times after coming off a championship season, it’s hard to repeat and start right where you left off. That was not the case for the 2014-2015 Saint Ignatius Varsity Ice ‘Cats.

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