Class Competition Day 2014 another success

By John Dorow ‘15

Following last year’s highly successful inaugural Class Competition Day, praised as a fan-favorite among the students and teachers, Mr. Hess, in conjunction with Student Senate, went to work on creating another day filled with games and healthy competition.

Ignatian identity: Elite academy, faith-formation, or both?

by Patrick Millican ‘15

At Saint Ignatius High School, as at any institution with a mission statement that it takes seriously, there is at times a conflict between our school’s professed ambitions to train applicants for excellent colleges and broaden our scholastic horizons on one hand, and to form men who enthusiastically serve their community and the world and who are possessed of strong faith on the other.

Power was restored on Campus at about 3:39 PM EST.

Like it or not, drug testing policy jives with law

US Supreme Court supports school drug tests, even if students don’t

by John Selby ‘15

Gay students see campus culture slowly shifting in right direction

by Brandon Borges ‘15

As our society moves towards the acceptance of gays, lesbians, and transgendered people, so too does this school. The question remains as to how accepting Saint Ignatius is of gay students right now.

Dreams deferred: harsh reality of college financial aid

by Kellen Dugan '15

The college application process is notorious as one of the most stressful times of a student’s high school career, and perhaps their entire life.  But once it’s all over, students expect to be relieved by an end to the incessant pressure.