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Election 2014: Mulach / Ertle win 

Pat Mulach and Danny Ertle take runoff


Health fair 007

Healthy living on the table at the 4th annual Health Fair

by Kevin Malloy ‘15

Months of preparation and planning culminated in the Pre-Med Society’s fourth annual Health Fair in the school atrium on Friday, April 4.

As snow days pile up, school eyes changes for 2015

by Connor Schumacher ‘15

The Ohio Legislature has acted to significantly modify the system for determining how often schools call snow days, otherwise known as calamity days.

Many countries, many stories: Immigrant families at Ignatius

by John Selby ‘15

Students balance studying and rich cultural traditons


College Board offers AP exam deadline extensions

by Parvis Kanga '15

As a result of the extreme winter, College Board has attempted to consolidate for the lost time many AP classes faced due to excessive “snow days” by providing AP teachers with more time for instruction.

JCWA attends a successful conference at Michigan State

by Brendan O'Donnell '16

From March 14th to 16th, 39 delegates from Saint Ignatius competed with over 30 other schools at Michigan State University for a Model United Nations conference.

“Miracle on Ice” olympian emails O’Rourke for Co-State Championship

by Brandon Borges ‘15

Coach Pat O’Rourke was stunned to receive an email from one of the most legendary US hockey players ever, Michael Eruzione─ the captain of the illustrious 1980 USA Olympic Hockey team.



Food Extravaganza successful despite space limitations

by Dominic Gideon '14

Language week is packed with festivities which celebrate the value of language and the beauty of diversity; and one of the greatest displays of this cultural celebration is the Food Extravaganza.


Does Ignatius pass the test of a more diverse student body?

by Kellen Dugan ‘15

Diversity of race, culture, socio-economic status, religion, sexual orientation, and geographic location can all be found within the heterogeneous Saint Ignatius student body. The number of students of all underrepresented walks of life enrolling at the school is greater than ever, and it is still increasing.

Reducing cheating requires a change in culture, says Dean of Academics

by Kellen Dugan ‘15

An unwritten honor code dominates academic behavior at Saint Ignatius, and most teachers make a conscious effort to foster honesty and integrity in schoolwork. But cheating does still go on here, but to what extent?

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Student Life


Ignatius debaters ready to hand reins to next generation

by John Dorow ‘15

Many of the debaters realized their passion for argumentation in Mr. Buzzelli’s freshman year Oral Interpretation class, and, armed with an interest in policy, economics, and other academic topics, they decided to make the trip up to Room 512 to join the squad. Team captain Kevin Pucci said his love for debating grew out of a general love for knowledge.


College Experience Club to organize college campus tours

by Samuel Royer ‘15

Starting this spring, the College Experience Club, will give Saint Ignatius students the opportunity to visit college campuses with each other through our College Counseling Department.

Nerf Club: Locked & loaded

Patrick McCafferty '17

The advent of the NERF Club, a freshman-driven organization, aims to host massive on-campus NERF shootouts.

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Arts and Entertainment


On the water or in the studio, Joe Kollin ‘14 is at home

By Bradley Merk ‘14

Whether he is out on the Cuyahoga River rowing with crew or drawing with graphite in Studio Art, Joe is building character through his variety of interests.

Music Review: Mind Over Matter

by Matt Nicolay '14

Just released on January 21, Young the Giant's second studio album offers an interesting indie rock sound.


Art Spotlight: Jacob Alvarado '15

by Brad Horton ‘15

Jacob Alvarado ‘15 began his art career as a kid who loved to tell stories through drawing.

Students look to the performing arts in college and beyond

by Sam Royer ’15

While many high school students graduate anticipating a practical career as a doctor or a lawyer, there’s a rare few who dare to venture out of the realm of practicality and really pursue their passion.

The Oculus Rift: seeing is believing

by Jake Woomer ‘14

After reaching over $2 million dollars in its Kickstarter, the Oculus Rift has gained popularity on the internet not only by gamers, but by anyone fascinated by virtual reality.

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