Class Competition Day 2014 another success

By John Dorow ‘15

Following last year’s highly successful inaugural Class Competition Day, praised as a fan-favorite among the students and teachers, Mr. Hess, in conjunction with Student Senate, went to work on creating another day filled with games and healthy competition.

Ignatian identity: Elite academy, faith-formation, or both?

by Patrick Millican ‘15

At Saint Ignatius High School, as at any institution with a mission statement that it takes seriously, there is at times a conflict between our school’s professed ambitions to train applicants for excellent colleges and broaden our scholastic horizons on one hand, and to form men who enthusiastically serve their community and the world and who are possessed of strong faith on the other.

Power was restored on Campus at about 3:39 PM EST.

Like it or not, drug testing policy jives with law

US Supreme Court supports school drug tests, even if students don’t

by John Selby ‘15

Gay students see campus culture slowly shifting in right direction

by Brandon Borges ‘15

As our society moves towards the acceptance of gays, lesbians, and transgendered people, so too does this school. The question remains as to how accepting Saint Ignatius is of gay students right now.

Dreams deferred: harsh reality of college financial aid

by Kellen Dugan '15

The college application process is notorious as one of the most stressful times of a student’s high school career, and perhaps their entire life.  But once it’s all over, students expect to be relieved by an end to the incessant pressure.



BYOT changes in store for Fall 2014: phones out, laptops and tablets in

New guidelines will require many to upgrade to a larger device

by Brandon Borges ‘15

A look back at curriculum changes this year

Michael Sweet ‘17

Saint Ignatius High School welcomed a full slate of new courses for the 2013-14 school year, affecting wide swathes of the school’s curriculum across both the humanities and sciences. For the first time, Saint Ignatius students were introduced to AP Economics, Computer Science, Honors English IV, Entrepreneurial Studies and Cleveland History.

Matt Waldeck ’02: The journey of a "storyteller"

by Dominic Gideon '14

Ambitious, young, and eager to expand his horizons, Matthew Waldeck ‘02 made a leap far from the Ignatius bubble.

Are AP students taught for the test or challenged to learn?

by Parviz Kanga ‘15

Some students believe that the teachers of AP courses are  pressured to conform to the content of the AP tests, although the consequences of such behavior aren’t necessarily negative.

People’s Say of the Eye’s Word

by Parviz Kanga '15

Today’s issue of The Eye is the result of 87 years of history that have slowly molded the paper into its present form. The students’ opinion about the Eye - what do they look forward to in each new issue, what they find subpar or lacking - is marked by a surprising amount of optimism running through the veins that bleed blue and gold at Saint Ignatius.


Calamity days not so calamitous after all

Inhospitable weather leaves teachers rushing, but not scrambling by end of year

by Benjamin Delhees

Four veteran faculty members bid farewell to SIHS

Matt Koehler ‘15

As another school year winds down, it’s time to give a final thank-you to the retiring teachers who have put a staggering total of 99 years of service at Saint Ignatius.

The Zupan Presidency: Not every promise kept, but we love him anyway

by Owen Miklos ‘16

A look back at the Zupan administration and an assessment on how his promises played out on campus

How do we get New Teachers?

by Brian Sabath ‘17

Plans are already underway for next school year as the 2013-14 school year comes to a close. Every year at Ignatius, teachers come and go, but the hiring process remains an enigma in the minds of most students.

President-elect Mulach is ready to “work hard, play hard”

By John Selby ‘15

The Mulach-Ertle tandem, running a campaign characterized by slogans like “Slow Animals, Fast Government,” are and have been a dynamic combination since they first set foot on the grounds of our famed alma mater.


Students react to new drug testing policy

by Sam Royer ‘15

In light of Principal Bradesca’s announcement regarding the mandatory random drug testing which will happen at Saint Ignatius next fall, several members of the student body felt obligated to share their opinions on the controversial policy.

School to begin mandatory drug test program in 2014-2015 school year

by Pat Millican ‘15 and Alastair Pearson ‘14

The non-invasive hair follicle testing is the core component of a “Wellness Initiative” designed to eliminate drug use in the student body through a preventative, non-punitive public health program in conjunction with Saint Edward High School and Gilmour Academy.

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Student Life


Wildcats of the Year: Four men for others

By Sam Royer ‘15

This year, The Eye has decided to spotlight the student in each class who has done the most to positively impact campus in the 2013-14 school year. Following voting from their classmates, Ryan Mullin ‘17, Liam Eichenberg ‘16, Danny Ertle ‘15, and De’ Shaun Adair ‘14 have received the title Wildcat of the Year for their respective class.

State of the clubs

by Anthony Ramirez ‘16

Saint Ignatius is fortunate to provide a home for a burgeoning community of student leaders - entrepreneurial souls dedicated to the formation of dynamic, innovative organizations that provide a space for like-minded students to succeed.

Love Guru

Parting wisdom from the Love Guru

by Love Guru Joe Latkovich

Joe, did you come up with your philosophy on love on your own, or do you ask someone else for advice? Does the Love Guru have his own Love Guru?

Diplocats excel in debate at Michigan State, Youngstown State

by Brendan O’Donnell ‘16

The Saint Ignatius Diplocats - the school’s competitive Model United Nations travel team - concluded a packed but successful season with an overall victory at the mid-sized Youngstown State conference and a second-place finish in the largest category at the nationally renowned Michigan State tournament.

Saint Ignatius continues summer reading program

by Brendan O’Donnell '16

The administration has chosen to celebrate student choice, at least in this instance: the successful new summer reading program, in which students select a book from a list of 64 titles and are assigned a teacher to facilitate discussion about their book, will continue this year.

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Arts and Entertainment


On the water or in the studio, Joe Kollin ‘14 is at home

By Bradley Merk ‘14

Whether he is out on the Cuyahoga River rowing with crew or drawing with graphite in Studio Art, Joe is building character through his variety of interests.


Art Spotlight: Jacob Alvarado '15

by Brad Horton ‘15

Jacob Alvarado ‘15 began his art career as a kid who loved to tell stories through drawing.

Students look to the performing arts in college and beyond

by Sam Royer ’15

While many high school students graduate anticipating a practical career as a doctor or a lawyer, there’s a rare few who dare to venture out of the realm of practicality and really pursue their passion.

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Wildcats dominant in pro sports

by Bill Huesken '14

The school’s numerous successful athletic programs have sent many talented athletes on to the next level.

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